here comes the minggu matematik, sains & komputer aka mmsk for the very first time in PSAS...
me, k.puziah n k.hanim have to organize the inovation project...
in this innovation project students have to choose 1 fav scenery around PSAS aka my luvly politeknik sultan azlan shah ~hahaha and then they have to cartoonise the scenery and add animation(insert some sound, light, etc) into it...
and the presentation day for the shortlisted entries is on today 19 nov 2009...4 out of 11 groups that have been shorlisted are my students~with my humble heart i'm really proud of teaching them...ngeeee...=D andddddd....3 groups out 4 tu menang...=)))))))
Here are the 11 groups that have been shorlisted...hebat tau..=)

entry from my dem 1c students..the 5th place..=)

the winner..lots of animation..=)

1st runner dad 1a students..ngeee

entry from my dad1a students..=)

the 4th place goes to my students from dad 1a..=) again..

mata agak sembab sbb sakit mata belum pulih sepenuhnya..=(

p/s : x boleh la tunjuk animation yg betul2..nnt korang tiru...heheheheee...tunjuk snapshot je...=)

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