mini gathering

we had our mini gathering (cs220 batch 2003) on 10th January 2008...glad to see those faces again.. V(^0^)V...we had our pizza time together on that day..yummy..,then bowling time,huh i realized that we didn't have any photos on that.. then we had our "karaoke jamban" time...and lepak2 time at uptown...rase mcm x nak balik!!!!..
i want to stay with them, miss those "mengumpat" time at college, makan2 berkelah time at our bilik, pasar malam and yong tow fu + tau fu fah, and dreaming of buying a house next to each other at seksyen 7 (mcm desperate houswives), prof class (prof knows almost about anything, hahaha just ask him,we are gossiping about artists and those politics issues during class), birthday celebration at dataran, seksyen 2 and bibik char kuey teow, group discussion, java class with mr ahmad (his word that i remember until today, "hai anak-anak...." hihi when me and dila don't know what we are doing for our java project), "kancil bergoyang" time with aftia n tasya, sleepy time during madam tan class, shopping time with mek, rumah terbuka during eid..jogging at tasik konon nak kurus, hehehe,mengumpat about our "jiran perasan", and so many things, hahaha the most unforgetable memory is the "strange sound" from an emergency girl a.k.a dila (only tasya, tia, dila and me know about this..hahahaah)...huhuhu really miss the time together with them..

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