first class for this semester July 2008

for this semester i get the chance to teach my own Penasihat Akademik (PA) 14th july 2008, 8.00 am BKE 102, I've my 1st class wif them, DET 3 (aka Diploma Kejuruteraan Elektrik semester 3) ...i just give them briefing and introduction about the subject that i'm going to teach them, that is Engineering Mathematics III (B3001), the assignments, quizzes, test and the syllabus..after that i just settled all the pendaftaran modul stuff, i want to settle all this 'rumit n renyah' things, only then i can teach them peacefully..cewah!!hahaha..In that class there only have 5 girls out of 39 of them..wahahaha could u just imagine, bising ya amat!!!..xpe2 1st day..bagi muke..for tomorrow, siap la korang..ngeh ngeh ngeh...tomorrow i'm going to teach them statistics..wish me luck for tomorrow k..(^_^)

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