would you rather....

1. Stick your tongue on something cold and metal or pee on an electric fence?

I don’t want to do both ok..kerja gile..

2. Be caught stealing or caught cheating?

Tak nak!!!!dua2 x nak…give me more appropriate question please!!!

3. Do your homework or kiss your teacher?

Yucksss!!!i don’t want to kiss my teacher…I would rather do my homework..

4. Have a fever or have the chills?

Have a fever, tapi x nak juge..huhu nak sihat je..

5. Take a needle or have a tooth pulled

Take a needle…

6. Lose a finger or lose a toe

Warghh!!!!what kind of question is this, I don’t want to lose any part of my body…

7. Do the dishes or clean the bedroom?

Do the dishes…my bedroom ‘s always clean ok…=)

8. Run down the street naked or in lingerie?

If in emergency, in lingerie la..

9. Have no eyes or have no ears?

Repetition happened in here….please take a note ok, I don’t want to lose any part of my body …

10. Go a month without internet or without tv

Rather can live without tv…sebab dalam internet ade tv…kan2…=)

11. Be in an accident or cause an accident

X mau dua2…

12. Have bad breath or bad B-O

Same answer…x mau dua2…

13. Get a bad haircut or go bald?

Bad hair cut rather than bald..

14. Spend a day with Richard Simmons or Peewee Herman

Peewee Herman….

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