share the joy, enjoy the food!!!

~happened last few weeks~
Keroro : wanna follow me tonite?
Me : nak!!gi mane???hehe
Keroro : dinner dengan parents..kui3
Me : owh, ok, boley2..=)

lebey kurang macam tu la short smsed between me and hun before this dinner happened, after listing some places, finally he chose the 'Restoran Simpang Tiga'. I've been there last year for a primary school gathering, and what I've seen, this restaurant has improved a lot, great!!

what we ate there :

laksa sarawak
tak sedap and it were so different from the real laksa sarawak

mak ordered this after laksa sarawak spoil tasted...

hawaiian & bbq chicken chops
hawaiian for me and bbq for keroro...sedappp!!!

jus pelangi
ordered by keroro, rase betik, plus mango and vanila kot, eewww, keroro suka, but i'm not so..hihihi

nasi putih + telur dadar + sup ayam kampung
final decision from abah..hehehe

yong taw foo
okay la sedap la juge ~the waitress claimed that yong taw foo tu banyak, cukup untuk makan 4 orang, tapi bila sampai, tengok2 sikit je, apadaaaa...

haaa yang ni sedap..=)

p/s : thanks to abah for this yummy treat..=) this dinner is for mi amour hunny bunny keroro on his birthday, wishing u happy birthday and not to forget i sayang u, may u have a blissful life, good manner, great health..big kiss!!!!xoxo

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