memory lane

as for me...

the smell of j&j ph 5.5 facial wash
it makes me remember about my school years at bp (^_^), oohhhh i miss bp so damn much...
i'm using that facial wash during that time..all the memories with my roomies, my classmates, the toilet, the shower, the cafe automatically appear on my we had our lunch and dinner at the dining hall, memory during queueing up for bath....uuhhh so sweet...

justin's song - senorita
it makes me remember the dining at melati college uitm shah alam,
had dinner there while the tv shows the v.clips of that song

fab laudry detergent
it makes me remember how i'm so panic, thinking where is the best place to hide my handphone from the warden(zaman dulu x macam sekarang, dulu we can't simply bring handphone to matriks) so, guess what? kotak sabun fab penyelamat...i'm hiding my handphone in there...hehehe tapi x de ambush pun on that nite..jadi konklusinya...gunakanlah fab!!ngeh ngeh ngeh

bukan saiz kotak sebenar...tapi jenama sebenar

3 things je yang baru teringat..ok that's all..

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