2nd years anniversary

We are now in 2 years of marriage life..Everything was just went well, so nothing much to say other than Alhamdulillah to Allah swt for this blissful marriage, for a hubby that completed me, for a beautiful daughter, and many more good things to come, hopefully, Amiinnn :)

We didn't plan any celebration or vacation, because as everyone noticed, the date of 16th September is a Malaysia Day, and as 2 years pass by, this date falls on weekend and there will always a 'majlis kenduri kahwin' when it falls on weekend. As what happened last year, we attended hubby cousin's wedding, and for this year, we're attending my cousin's wedding [pegi wedding sedara mara lagi penting dari vacation kan, lagipun memenuhi jemputan tu kan wajib] May be next year we can plan for a vacation, because 16th Sept falls on Tuesday, In Sha Allah. :) [kene simpan duit nak gi honeymoon yang ke-3 tahun ni, hahaha]

As hubby got a cycling activity 'Ipoh City Fun Ride' on 16th Sept, so he treated me and Alisya a simple lunch together on 15th September [konon-konon macam pre-anniversary la kan] hehehe ..We try out the new pizza; Golden Crunch Pizza. [masa makan ni rasa macam biasa je, tapi last week makan dengan colleague sedap plak, so kesimpulannya kalau branch tak sama, rasa akan berbeza, walaupun menu yang sama]

cikenit ni mula-mula elok je tido..
pe'el baru, naik kete tido..

sampai je...hah..
kene layan la daddynye ye...;)

I want too!!!

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