MIL Birthday Celebration

Assalam to readers and happy Sunday :)

Huarghhhh (yawn)...Alisya woke me & her daddy at 5 AM, she want us to play with her..And now she is sleeping. 

Breakfast done, so sesi bermalasan starts now..hehe

Yesterday was my MIL birthday. Me & hubby just bought a cake for her. Chocolate Moist cake from King's Confectionery
Dap dap bak hang..hehehe

At night we had a simple birthday celebration for opah Alisya aka ibu mertuaku sayang, treated by atuk..hehehe time kasih my FIL. We tried out the not so new food place for others but this is the 1st time for us, the Restoran Shabu Shabu Ipoh. Haha it was suggested by me actually, since I love to try new food place, so hubby assigned me to find special place for this celebration. 

I did some search of food places that is HALAL, nice and affordable around Ipoh (boleh la nak jadi host jalan-jalan cari makan, hahaha). After selecting some places such as Sammer Restaurant Al-Arabi, Hadramawt Ipoh, Tandoori Grill Ipoh, Malika Saba, and Restoran Shabu Shabu. Hubby seems more into Restoran Shabu Shabu because the others were Arabic & Indian food (hubby is not a curry lover, hehe). 
birthday girl :)

We arrived during the peak hour for dinner so we just get the open air table (silap sebab tak book dulu). 

the foods..
they had the buffet style, so we can eat and drink whatever that been served

Alisya pun nakkkk...

Okay I'm done mummy :)


 Thanks atuk...
Happy Birthday opah...

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