Alisya get fever

My dear lil daughter get fever since last sunday night..huhu Firstly we thought its just 1 day fever as she had experienced before, so we just monitor her temperature, make sure that it does not reach more than 39 degrees, ensure that she had at least 3 times of bath, and keep giving her medicine as prescribed..
But her temperature reached 38.5 degrees last night, so this morning I decided to take her to the clinic. Doctor gave her nebulizer and paracetamol suppository(ubat masuk kot bontot), of course she cried out loud (kecoh kejap dalam klinik)..hohoho 
Mummy got mc for two days (selamat cuti rehat aku), tomorrow has to come to clinic again as doctor want to monitor her. Get well soon my sayang..huhu

Alisya yesterday..watching Upin&Ipin sitting on a bench 

Alisya this morning..just lying down watching Upin&Ipin

her medicine..phewwww, banyak kot doc, agak-agak la..
it's not easy to give medicine to her okehhh...

Alisya tonight, she look much better..

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1 Response to "Alisya get fever "

  1. SYANI says:

    Siannya dia demam ye... Makan ubat tau Alisya. nanti boleh cepat baik.

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