6 sept.

thanks to all family, friends, students and others for the wishes.. :)

Every years since I was born, when it comes to this date of 6 sept, my age will be increased. I've known more than10 peoples more or less that share the same birthdate with me. We even have a group of DOB 6 sept in FB, haha..
After been through almost 2 years of marriage, hubby is the most loveliest person that will never fail to spoil me on my birthday, thanks sayang..:)
As this date falls on Friday for this years, I assume that the birthday surprise awaiting me at home, perhaps..haha Gotcha!!! The b'day card & a box of ferrero rocher from mr hubby awaiting me on the dining table, yippie!!!
On saturday, we went to UTC, to get our new IC, then as planned, we went to AEON Station 18. Hubby treated me a post-birthday lunch..yeayy!!!
the meals

Alisya first experienced sitting on baby-highchair

p/s: u're on the right link of my blog..hehe I just want to improve my English..Feels like writing in blog is a good channel for me to improve my English, so why not I start now..(konon-konon dah alang2 tulis biarla menambah ilmu) haha
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