first zoo experience

I'm so excited, mummy & daddy said they want to bring me to the zoo..!!!!

The arrival of Sivaji  the boss Alisya at the zoo..hihi

Mummy is my assistant for today..
Nasib mak long bagi beg pink besar..
Dalam tu ada semua my belonging, susu, baju, pampers, makanan..hehehehe

After paying for the ticket, mummy said we will ride a tram..
so I have to queued up..
ramainye orang...

On the tram, I'm busy pointing to the animals..I saw giraffes, elephants, chimpanzee etc.. 

Ok turun dari tram, daddy said rehat kejap..but I want to have a walk...I saw a baby is crying..hahaha (Alisya memang pantang kalau nampak baby/budak nangis, mesti nak tengok je)

 Ok la lets get some rest..penat sudah...

Lepas ke zoo, kami pergi makan..

Ok la that's all for today..
next time Alisya tulis lagi ye.. :)

1 Response to "first zoo experience"

  1. SYANI says:

    Wah... Alisya dh boleh jadi blogger.. Cool!

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