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I've read an interesting news from this morning, One family of six, making a road journey to Malaysia!!!!Ya orang Melayu kite..bangga sikit wehhh!!!Give them full support, jangan la asyik nak condemn orang je, skeptikal la u ollzzz yang suke bagi komen negative ni..Meh baca kat sini dah tolong copypaste dah :

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian family of six is making a record-breaking trip back to its homeland in a road journey that will take about 75 days.
 Jamal Ismail, 44, the founder of By Road to Malaysia project, is undertaking the challenge with his wife, Sofinee, 38, and four children: Sabeera, 17, Sumrah, 13, Syameem, 15, and Seif, 10. They kicked-off their trip on Saturday and arrived in Coventry, Birmingham in the United Kingdom, where they used to live for seven years.
The family is travelling in a 1998 Mercedes Sprinter motorhome and expects to log between 20,922km and 28,646km from Seaham, Sunderland, to its hometown in Kubang Pasu, Kedah. Along the journey, Jamal's family will travel across more than 39 countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.
According to the Sunderland Echo newspaper, the couple, who home-schooled their children, would expose them to different cultures and lifestyles.
"We will try to stop every 322km to visit museums and information centres. In the evening, we will try to meet local people," said Jamal, who resigned from his engineering job.
Sofinee, in an update on their website, said the biggest challenge for them was to get out from their comfort zone and face the challenges without knowing the outcome.
In the hope of inspiring others, the family will share the experience of their 21/2 month journey through Facebook, Twitter and their website.
"We hope to share our experience, our emotions and our ups and downs throughout the journey with the world," she said.
To prepare themselves for the trip, the family had undertaken long-distance driving in various terrain and weather in the UK.
Since they were fasting, the family will start driving only in the evening as Imsak time in the UK is early in the morning.
"Since Imsak time is very early, we will not go to sleep after terawih prayers. We will get a good sleep after dawn and start our journey after Zohor prayers."
In 2001, Jamal paid a deposit for a London taxi cab to drive the vehicle back to Malaysia. However, he could not realise the dream because his children were still young.

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p/s to hubby : nanti kite dah pindah, kite buat rekod journey balik kampung kite okies..haha jauhnye nak balik kampung bile dah pindah nanti..huhuhuhu

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  1. mama ila says:

    menarik!! ila dah liked facebook and follow blog diaorg..hehehe

    nampak gaya kena beli EXORA la macam ginih...haha...

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