muffin malas rajin

I love baking but....I hate when some of the recipes that I get (from the Internet usually) need me to do an experiment first, whether to add more water/sugar/flour etc than stated in the recipe. Even though when I follow the recipe step by step rigidly, it's always end up that the cake/muffin/cookies will not satisfy me [kadang terkeras la, terlembik la, kurang air la, etc]

So I preferred baking by using the 'tepung segera' [banyak dah jual sekarang ni kan], so I called my recipe as Malas Rajin recipe, Malas to do lots of experiments in order to find the real right recipe, and Rajin for an effort of baking, instead of buying..ecewahhh

I have tried some brands of this 'tepung segera' for cakes/muffins/cupcakes, and I preferred the Nona brand [senang nak dapat sebab dah tesco dekat umah ade jual, tak perlu nak order kat fb] and the result satisfied me. Muffins that I baked last 2 weeks were so super delicious & so gebusness..hahaha  A box of this 'tepung segera' is always ready at my home [simpan je stock, bila datang mood nak membaking senang.. :)]

 Just follow the simple cooking instructions at the back of the packaging, and the result is the super yummy muffins [plus jimat belanja, kalau muffin gebu besar macam tu kat luar mau 2 ringgit seketui]. 

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