oh my satio..♥

if Fazura(in Pisau Cukur) were so obsessed with Prada, Gucci, Coach, LV whatsoever(~haaha that thing is killing me also) but for this time my satio is killing me for real..hahaha orang duk sibuk beli iPhone4,BB la but for me and kesayangan we just only have one dream to fulfill regarding handphone matter,that is S.A.T.I.O..wrote about this satio before this and yeayyhhh finally i got this thing in my hand, and of course the red one..=)

Tadaaaa, showing off my Miss Red

hehehe just the box..haih

testing this 12mp cam..owh..

disebabkan this is our 2nd time beli kat kedai ni, mr tokey gave this to us..thanks encik tokey..next time we all dtg lagi..=)

ini lagi encik tokey bagi..maceh na..=)

my obsession!!sanggup beli..

2 Response to "oh my satio..♥"

  1. nmpaknye kita2 jelah yg komen2 kat sini...kero3..

    hehehe..main tulis2..

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