a night before new year and a new year's morning

the night before 2011 is just a simple yet hilarious for me..having dinner at char kuey teow stall while waiting for new year's countdown..
~but frankly say that this is not-so-yummy char kuey teow

seeing children playing with the flying glittering stuff..hahaha not only the kids, some adults also playing with it...

a new year's morning is a tragedy when something shocked happened

my bro had an accident,luckily there'e no injury happened to my lil' bro and sis...may be this is the test from Allah swt..hope he will be tough to face it..

2 Response to "a night before new year and a new year's morning"

  1. owh...tragisnye new year kali nih...sob3..

    (^_-)V says:

    tragis2 nasib baik ade abg katak..kero3...

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