big cuppies

i received a big cuppies from one of my students that got 'A' in my subject..ahahaha, malu saya, anyway thanks for the gift, i'm not expected for this thing...

for me what's important is that, if all my students could use the ilmu that i gave to them in the right way, that's the biggest gift that i want to receive ever..

anyway thanks again for this sweet gift, this hand made cuppies, sedap tau, if nak order boleh order kat student yang bagi tu..♥

big cuppies

2 Response to "big cuppies"

  1. Encik H says:

    ade simpan tuk sy x?hahaha

    (^_-)V says:

    simpan dalam perut..hehehe x leh tahan 3 ari ni, balik buat lain..;)

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